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A Brief Introduction About The Property Profits Real Estate Podcast:

Property Profits is a show for active real estate investors who are looking to grow and scale their real estate businesses to multiple 6 and 7 figures using OPM (Other People's Money). πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

On this show we interview active and growth-focused real estate entrepreneurs about the success and challenges they've experienced while growing their portfolios with private capital. πŸ’°πŸ”₯πŸ’°

Our goal is to discuss the real challenges real estate entrepreneurs face with trying to create a simple and scalable business while leveraging private capital...

As well as giving our audience an unfiltered behind the scenes look at some of the best ways to solve these problems so they can go out and grow their own real estate portfolios using O.P.M.

Who should apply to be featured on the show?
βœ… We interview everyday people investing in real estate who are actively doing deals, using private capital to grow, or who want to.
βœ… Single Family, Multi-Family, STRs, BRRRs, Mobile Home Parks, Creative Deals, Self-Storage, Tax Liens/Deeds, Commercial, Land Investors - You name it - we like to talk about any and all kinds of real estate investing.
βœ… Older Investors, Younger Investors, New Investors, Experienced Investors, Full-Time, Part-Time, Male, Female, W.H.Y.Β Β 

Who should NOT apply? There are some folks we are not looking to interview at this time...
❌NO absolute newbies (even just 2 deals is fine, but 0-1 deals...sorry, we won't have enough to dig into, so go get a couple under your belt and we'll love to have you on!)

What topics do we discuss on the show?
πŸ“£ On the show we talk about your real estate journey, your strategy, lessons you've learned, as well as breaking down exactly what's worked and what hasn't with our guests' capital raising and real estate business growth strategies.Β  As well as talking about the specific challenges our guests are facing with scaling and growing their real estate business and portfolio.

What is the end goal our audience and guests are looking to achieve?
🎯 Our goal is to help active real estate entrepreneurs who want to raise private capital to get clarity on how to create a simple, scalable business leveraging their network for money to grow.

Why is this show different?
πŸ’₯ Instead of focusing on just telling your 'real estate story'... we want this podcast to delve into the very real and tactical challenges you face as an active real estate investors today in your business...as well as discussing what's worked and what hasn't worked with your property portfolio.

On this podcast we talk about the very personal challenges our interview guests are facing with growing
and scaling their real estate investing business to multiple 6 and 7 figures leveraging private capital.Β 
We discuss some of the creative ways private money can solve their problems.

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